Thursday 28 August 2008

Almost one year

Crop updates, misterious finding.

It is almost one year since I got my allotment, but before I can sit and reflect on progress, there are some crops that I can still plant: barbe di frate and cima di rapa quarantina so I have to hurry digging the beds before it's too late (one year and I still have not finished digging the allottment through).

Besides, I have to clear the onion bed and plant green manure before it gets all weedy again.

Last time looked like fish skin but without scales, white and grayish, wettish... I could not disentangle it but I guess it might be some sort of snake skin - although I had never seen a so-to-speak 'fresh' one - or maybe it is leftovers from a rat's burrow; neither option is too exciting though!

Anyway, today the sun has come out - albeit timidly - so I am going now to try and do all I can and to check on the Florence fennel I have transplanted. It was too thick and I never have the heart to thin out seedlings and throw the weak ones away.

Crops now on: leeks (some of it just transplanted), potatoes (what is left of my summer crop), beans (flowering now), fennel and parsley, herbs (I have quite a big patch), courgettes (although the slugs are feisting on them) and pumpkin/courgette flowers (delicious and nutritious in an omelette, or deep fried in batter).

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