Saturday 30 January 2010

Frost is back and cabbages do not grow!

Lovely lovely day but freezing cold, with icy ground, so the only things I could do today were:
  • trimming bushes,
  • tidy up the shed, and
  • try my new hickory axe.
The axe works (such a useful tool to have on an allotment by the way) so I have split a pallet in two, in view of making a table and have some more space for potting and sorting. The old fence posts I will use for the legs, but I still have to think of a suitable place for it.
Didn't have to leave until 5.30 (in a week the day has lenghtened by about half an hour) and took with me three things from the day:
  • the relief of discovering that there's one more bed than I could remember when I drew from memory: precious space!
  • a tinsely bit of fuming annoyance, as someone had thrown all the ice from the blooming water tank on my allotment - but I now think I have an idea to address the issue of people using my plot around the tank as a dump, and my new axe has a part in it :)
  • a task for the week: to investigate why my cabbages are NOT growing (below the biggest). Do you have any suggestions for me? Should I start picking the leaves to encourage further growth?

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