Monday 22 February 2010

The big scare

Talking of a lot to do in terms of digging and clearing, I came home tonight to find a letter from the council: first warning, they will take my allotment away if I do not fix the path.

How the hell could that be, wonder I, when it was Yours Truly in the first place to ask the council and the allotment manager to help me deal with path clearing from tree stumps & other rubbish on the neighbours' side? You all know I have cleared my own side's stumps to set a good example at the time!

Will they really take away my plot, with all the nightmarish consequences to my well being and peace of mind I dread?!?

Anyway, turns out it was my own complaint that caused a letter to be sent to all allotments bordering on the path, par condicio debitorum...

While wondering whether it would be fair to contest it to the council - for fairness to my record - I do however appreciate the manager bringing up the issue - and hope this procedure will finally rid us of stumps, soft fruits canes (which I have cleared myself the year before last), plastic sheeting and other neighbourly rubbish.

So that I cannot be faulted in any possible way, I will also dig along the whole of the boundary so that a clear line shows: Sarah seemed to think it would define the path better than my plastic line, which however is going to stay, as an obstacle to careless visitors and crapping dogs.

A parcel was waiting together with the obnoxious letter: my potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. Besides, I have to plant in the allotment the blackberries from the pots, before it's March and too late. Got my work cut out for me this coming weekend.

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