Monday 16 August 2010

Quick update

I have not written for a while, because I am not going to the allotment that often, because I have so many things to do at home and tiredness has started to catch up with me.

The last time I went, though, there were a few bean pods that I should probably be able to pick today if I manage to go, and many more plants of beans growing. Sweetcorn was 1 meter high, and the pumpkins expanding rapidly although no fruit was in sight.

Chillies are in flower and pushing out fruits, and I have already picked three humongous cucumbers, that actually have a flavour of their own, unlike the ones you usually find in shops. I also collected opium poppy seeds, the ones that you can use on bread - I will try and toast them and see how they turn out.

Hovering over the plot, numerous pollinators, with crickets busy on the ground and a lot of native ladybirds: it is a pleasure to take pictures and I am slowly updating the summer photo-album online.

My liqueur-making has been a bit disappointing as I am still in the process of learning dilution and dosage, but I have great hopes for the sage one, that I am going to bottle next. And I am still up for elderberry liqueur this week.

Shutting down my PC now, as I have 1,5kg damsons from the hedge to make into jam too.

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