Sunday 19 October 2008

So pleased!

Wish come true unexpectedly, mice and potatoes

I popped into the allotment to take home some garlic and noticed that my new neighbour has felled an elder tree that was at the bottom of his/her plot and that was making an awful lot of shade in a place that is already shady and wet: I am so pleased, it is one of those small things that make a difference!

I had been thinking of asking the allotment manager if she could get the tree pruned shorter, but it is much easier now that the problem has solved of its own accord, and better than expected.

Although with a tiny pang of guilt for being so happy for a felled tree - pang which I am trying to silence thinking that the birds should not suffer too much as there are plenty of trees around anyway - I am rejoycing at the opportunity to grow a bit further up the plot, now that it is lighter and airy.

This piece of good news compensated the discovery that mice had got to the potatoes I was storing temporarily in the greenhouse...

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