Monday 20 October 2008

We ate it!

Corn odyssey: the end.

Tired to wait for the tassels to turn brown I picked some cobs and we finally tried it!

It was good, the grains are biggers than commercial varieties and a bit stickier when chewed, with thicker skin and softer centre, but I liked it, it was tasty! And there are plenty more on the plants... I have kept a couple of smaller cobs and will try to dry them for popcorn.

Today the garlic has arrived, so next weekend it will be autumn planting: I have to figure out where they belong according to my rotation plan. I will do it some time this week, when I find a little bit of time. Or if I can keep my eyes open I might do it now, while I wait for the last torta pasqualina with my spinach beet to cook.

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