Monday 13 July 2009

Proliferation of rats and gooseberries

Having decided for do-it-yourself disposal of the obnoxious rhodent, I enrolled my husband and we went - albeit reluctantly - on Friday night after work: to our surprise rats had multiplied overnight; to our relief, the operation was swift and dignified.

As we were there, I took the opportunity to pick some gooseberries: over 4 kg, and still counting...

... I made jam yesterday, had tried gooseberry fool last week and two friends took me some crumble they made with my little present of soft fruit. I even tried them fresh, as my neighbour vouched for their delicious taste: after a gluttony of this size I am inclined to avoid gooseberries for the rest of my life!!!

However, as I said, I have more to pick this year, and there will be even more next year, as I have cuttings from the current bush, and earlier this spring had bought an extra plant with purple berries. Friends and neighbours beware - they will come your way!!! Actually, I am going to the post office later on to send a nice little gift of jam to Italy! :)

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