Saturday 15 August 2009


It said on the packet that it was an annual, but it turns out it might end up a weed.

Some say its beautiful flowers are among the few blue comestibles in nature.

Borage oil is supposed to be good for PMS, skin diseases and a wealth of other ailments, as it is an excellent sources of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Garden Organic
Thompson & Morgan
BBC Gardeners's World

Leaves (although they contain a mildly toxic source) can be used in salads and soups, flowers also decorate salads (or Pimm's), and the plant in proximity of tomatoes improves their taste (but I have planted it in the asparagus bed, one of the few that were empty at the time...)

It is also called starflower, and it's growing beautifully... I do hope it's attracting insects (and not spoiling the asparagus) as I myself am not enjoying it at all, given that I barely had time to take this picture! It's one of the first things I will have to sort out once I'm back.

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