Tuesday 25 August 2009

Veg veg everywhere

No news from the allotment as I have not been for a while; however - in what must have been a moment of genius in the dull haze of the brain I am living in at the moment - I decided that... if the mountain doesn't come to Mohammad, then... I would grow vegetables at home!

The idea came when I received my T&M cabbage plants and no way I would have made it to plant them at the allotment, so I rescued some leftover pots and compost and put them on the patio.

Then I thought: there may still be time to grow some leeks and pumpkins, if the weather keeps into October. So I sowed leeks in fruit punnets on the barbecue, and pumpkin seeds in a seed rack I had taken home from the allotment.

The weather has been fantastic of late, and the seedlings are all out now! We'll see if they make it in the next few weeks...

... Should be back at the allotment for good in a couple of weeks!

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