Friday 4 September 2009

Wanted! Dead or alive?

Anyone knows what this white wiggly worm is? Good or bad?

I am finding them all over the place at home: looked as if they were coming from the green bin and have been quickly invading the pots. The creature - less than 1 cm in lenght - is a very fast mover, seems to come out just before dusk, takes its own life in droves by drowning in any bucket or saucer that has water in it, seems to live just under the surface of the compost. Plants do not look damaged so far. The worm does not have a head, but moves thin side forward, (there's a black thread in the middle). The other side looks chopped, with some spikes.

Been squeezing as many as I can as a precautionary measure, but really have no idea what they are: are they ok or by taking pots to the allotment will I be incidentally starting an epidemic?

I had thought of earwigs larvae, but earwigs do not go through a larval stage...

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