Thursday 15 October 2009

Did it freeze this week?

Following a forecast of freezing I braved the night on Monday to cover up my aubergine (40 cm of stem, 5 leaves and a flower is all I got this year) to try and preserve it for next year's cropping.

I also retrieved my half-used packets of seed to complete my stocktaking, and I am pleased to say that it is now done: not counting the seed I saved from peppers & pumpinks of Riverford origin but counting the perennial plants, I have c 240 species in stock, which means 20 a month to sow! ;p I am not buying as many seeds as I used to nowadays, though, which is an improvement.

Found another task for the weekend as well: cover the herbs as it's almost November! The herb bed is the first thing I created at the allotment in Sep 2007, and I must say it is thriving, with only 2 plants lost: one thyme and one chamomile.

Compost piles & bin still need some adjusting, and I want to test the compostability of a plastic cup they gave me at the shop below the office. It would be great if it really worked: I am hating plastic more and more, although it's difficult to think of life without it.

Study-wise is not going too bad, although I am finding the course books a bit confusing, so I need extra research to clarify many points and square the circle, so to speak. YouTube and the Internet helped a lot, as well as the Capon's book I mentioned last week.

I am now on the topic of tissues, and it is fascinating to understand how plants are made and work inside.

A curious fact: aubergines contain nicotine (source Wikipedia). Fancy smoking an aubergine... how to demystify the addiction! Sorry, I'm being facetious now :)

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