Saturday 28 November 2009

Setting an example

Finally, this weekend was decent enough to go to the allotment and I didn't take any chances: husband made me packed lunch and I stayed from morning to sunset, 6 hours.

How good that was! Did not seem to do a lot though.

I finished clearing and transplanting the strawberry runners (there's a handful of strawberries still ripening: amazing!), managed to sow the broad beans, picked all the remaining tomatoes in the greenhouse (a couple of plants were still flowering!) and made a bed for salad with the leftover compost... then I uprooted a maple tree that was in the middle of the path, as I thought it worthwhile to set an example for my neighbours, who have more than one to remove. ;p

The garlic remains yet unplanted, but the salad I sowed under fleece the last time seems to have germinated. I am pretty amazed that two days to December and everything still flowering (including borage, nasturtium and lavender at home).

Did not manage to pick anything apart from the tomatoes, but Paul gave me some leeks, and I am going to make risotto with them: slurp!

Recipe: slice the leeks, stir fry in olive oil (and a little butter if you wish) until soft, then add risotto rice and sprinkle with white wine. When slightly toasted add vegetable stock (2-3 times the amount of rice). Finish with some grated parmesan as soon as the hob is turned off.

I have to study, and the muscle pain tonight is very conducive to sitting on the sofa with a book!

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Unknown said...

grande!!! un lavoraccio che sicuramente rilassa la mente! ciao Laura