Sunday 30 January 2011

Finally a bit of sun

I must say that the tinsely bit of sun we got today made a huge difference to my gardening motivation.

And so did going to the allotment with my husband: it's a nice feeling looking up and see that he is digging.

I have unearthed another ten or so paint cans and tubs and cut back some of the sloes in the process. Hubby suggest that we put a bench down there, as it's the sunniest place we have on the plots. So I thought it would be nice to terrace the soil behind and around the bench and plant it with flowers.

There's an awful lot to do, and it's better taken in chunks, so that we figure out what would come out best. So I left it, and went to clear my pond from a heavy blanket of couch grass that had covered it completely. I am gradually also clearing all the beds from weeds: about time, as the bulbs are already pushing through and there's a risk of damaging them.

And I got an amazing amount of sizeable Jerusalem artichokes from only one plant: I really like them, and the fact they are the only veg I have managed so far to grow in winter, alongside leeks: will put down more next year.

Unfortunately my complacency with rats over the last summer has bitten back: a huge mound of crumbly soil under the derelict shed of the previous owner (which I still haven't pulled down and transformed in a compost heap - is sure sign of them burrowing in. Luckily I had some pellets with me, which I scattered in the hope they will eat and die. Unfortunately I forgot the butter to load the trap, but next time I will go armed with that too!

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