Saturday 29 January 2011

Husband got a plot!

After 8 months in the waiting list, and an incredible series of defections (there were 5 plots to choose from), we've got a small addition to our growing space.

Hubby got wellies and gloves, and a kneeler pad (he is still in need of a tetanus jab, though), and today we went down to clear up and take some pictures.

(more pics)

The plot is on the other side of mine - on the sunny side at the bottom of the hill - so the microclimate is bound to be different. For example my soil was frozen in places today, while hubby's was all right. We do not know how the soil was kept, so I was thinking a good round of weeding and feeding with seaweed might be appropriate. Gianfry dug clean a good three square metres: not bad at all for his first time.

The neighbour, Sarah, was very nice and she said she will remove things that are in the way, like her compost heap.

Unfortunately, the previous owner chucked cans of paint and other chemicals in the little grove at the bottom of the plot. I have removed at least five cans today: such a shame! We will have to clear it well, chopping some of the self-seeded sloes back, and then I guess plant flowers and leave it as a haven for wildlife: I would not trust it for growing food. However, the grove might be a good place to plant my hops, if they do come out once I sow them: not sure why I suddenly fancied trying hops, but I bought a packet of seeds.

There is quite a lot to do, even though the plot looks in much better state than mine did when I got it.

On my side of the allotment, in the meantime, the garlic is already 10 cm out: let's hope we do not get a major freezing spell in February.

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