Wednesday 18 May 2011

It's been forever!

I have not written for the best of a month, what with my exam and - after that - some longed-for holidays.

The plot is not in bad shape, probably because it did not rain so much as to set the weeds on rampage (not even nettles!), but just enough to get the crops going.

Yesterday I picked a meter -ong asparagus, that was not even too woody all considered, and there is salad ready for next time I manage to pop in. The pumpkins I had planted out just before going away got frosted on their first night out but have done very well after that, and I will not praise enough the rather rough "Botanico" small growhouses I bought on (apparently no longer in stock :( ) which have turned out to be deeply loved by the seedlings (or maybe it's just the position they are in, under some blackthorns that shade them a bit).  Most seedling are in perfect shape, not least because of the precious help of lovely Carol, who has taken care of my greenhouses while I was away.

Hubby's plot has a pretty grassed area covered in Veronica persica: speedwell (which I have always known before today as little Virgin Mary's eyes, as my mother used to call it), and Leuchantemum vulgare: oxeye daysies.

Looking forward to a summer of gardening, now.

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