Sunday 18 January 2009

Happiness through the dirt!

Planting daffodils and remodelling the pond

Fantastic day, the best of the last few months: impossible to resist the call of the allotment; besides, a visit was necessary as it is the last day before some holidays (perfect time of the year if you need to leave your allotment as very little is growing and very slowly anyway).

All the way from home to the plot I was nervous and worried to find something amiss again: since my auntie was burglared when I was a kid, I have always dreaded trespass to my property as a violation of my personal space... anyway, the greenhouse was ok, so I relaxed and could concentrate on work!

As the ground was thawed completely, I could plant the daffodils around the pond.

There is something I need to say about the pond: last year when I made it I was very enthusiastic but very naive, so I made two mistakes:
  1. used the liner blue side up (the other side was black, I seemed to think that since the water is blue...)

  2. did not consider the plot was on a slope

so I found myself with an unnaturally bright blue pond sticking out some twenty centimetres on the upper end. However, as I had digged myself to exhaustion those days, I decided to leave it as it was, a decision I have regretted since.

Today, however, I felt energetic enough, so I started working around the edges and lowering them without even realising: although it was awkward to be bending on the knees all the time (I'm getting so very old!) I enjoyed the process like a kid: I was all muddy and a little bit wet, but the pond was sooo nice!

That's me with a rather silly face and dishevelled appearance, when I finally got home, pleading guilty with my husband, trying to avoid him getting upset for the amount of dirt I was carrying into the house on my clothes - again.

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