Sunday 11 January 2009

I am furious!

Preparing for spring: let's look at the bright side...

I went to the allotment to plant my daffodils and the first thing I noticed was my fleece tent smashed down with a dead rat lying on it. Not a good start.

Then I got into the greenhouse and it had been trespassed on again: panel displaced, cigarette butts lying around and the *£$%?*%!!!$% ^&*&@@@@&$(s) had their bottom(s) on my potato bed: officially furious

------ I am in an awful temper: KEEP CLEAR of meee!!! --------

Anyway, to add to my frustration, the ground was an icy block, so only two bulbs made their way underground, and I was put off anything to do with soil.

On the verge of crying, I removed the dead rat from my fleece and took it to the tip. After the dispatch it felt somewhat easier to pull myself together, so I decided to tackle the dreaded shed cleanup.

It was not particularly rewarding to start with: I had to build my second Gardman staging, which was left in its flatpack from last spring, with a reason - never buy a Gardman staging! It is called "heavy duty"; however, provided that you get past the nightmare of the self-tapping screws without hammering on your finger like I did, it will still need some propping as it is a bit wobbly.

Around 4 pm I managed to put it in the shed, added some more surface space through a shelf and, here you go! Not perfect, but the shed is almost in decent shape now, apart from the mud and some rubbish on the floor.

I found a crawling guest: a house spider, which cheered me up a bit (that says it all...). It still needs proper clearing up, but at least you can move around inside.

Am a bit worried for the seeds that I keep in there as it seems to get very wet inside: everything is covered in chilly condensation - will need to take care of it soon.
There is always something to do, around here!

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