Tuesday 3 February 2009

Beds plan for 2009

I mentioned a while ago that I would draw a map of the plot to plan my planting for this year: I drew it a while ago, and I have been loosely using it to plan space first for potatoes (when they seemed too many for the plot) and now for group B (beans and onions) for which I have the most seeds by far.

Here it is, finally scanned:

Somehow I needed to make it on paper. And I think I have not yet grasped exactly what would be the best way to maintain the whole planning and measuring system (this is real management consultant speak, isn't it?!): I think I need to have everything with me all the time so that every spare moment I can use to reflect on what to do, and this means having:
  • bed plan/map (this drawing)
  • crop rotation leaflet (A,B,C,D being the rotation groups, and X outside rotation)
  • database of stock (indicating plant family and planting time)

in my office bag, at the allotment and at home. A diary may help: got one for my desk in the office, but I am promoting it to a wider role in my life time-management efforts (alongside my Palm, Google and my LN calendar).

Oh mine, it is just Tuesday and I am so tired that I feel nauseous and faint. I wish it was summer and I could go and spend time on the allotment, in touch with the earth, surrounded by greenery, relaxing...

... but it is not summer and I should be planning how to get the most out of it when it comes!!!

My boss (bless her, a pretty amazing woman she is - with all she has on her mind, and despite travelling around most of the time, she has the energy to remind herself of my hobbies) brought in a packet of tomato seeds for me. I was thinking of that on the train, and it dawned on me (not a piece of news really) that I have far too many seeds, and that I do not want to waste them. Still, I have not really figured out succession planting. However, I should be ok with coldframes to initiate germination at any time, which may help.

Well, you see from the rambling structure of this post that I had better go to sleep now and philosophising about gardening some other time. Nite!

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