Sunday 22 February 2009

Papillonaceae and ...

Crop updates, new bed, "nature reserve"

The salad mix is growing really fast, no sign of any other seedling, but I planted quite a few new things

  • shallot Vigarmor
  • salad Lollo Rosso
  • celery Victoria
  • sweet peas (5 varieties, leftovers from last year)
  • tomato San Marzano
  • chamomile (lawn)

  • pea Twinkle (last year it did nothing, so I have to monitor)
  • broadbeans Express

in the new bed I finished!

I am very happy with the new bed, it has come out nicely and I am sure the beans will be growing well as the soil is very rich and crumbly: looked very healthy. Let's hope the holly is going soon, I will mention this to him when I see my neighbour next time.

Today it was really deserted, only me at the allotment, not even Geoff around that I could see.

Anyway, after finishing my bed and planting seeds, I also decided to clean up a little at the back of the shed and start off my "nature reserve", with a wildlife station similar to the one I saw in Garden Organic magazine back in November.

I also took off my fleece tent, in the end it was no use at all, I could have used the fleece on the artichokes instead.

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