Friday 13 February 2009

Hope long days come soon...

... for the good of my health and wealth! Or, gardening-related addictions.

I came home tonight and I was really tired, so I went on T&M website for some relaxing online shopping therapy.

While filling my shopping basket with all sort of exciting plants, I decided to have a look at my orders database for a quick check and I realised I was doing it again, for the third time: I am ordering the same plant over again! I have ended up with 16 plants of jasmine to arrive in the next couple of weeks!

I mean, this shows that I am consistent in my choices - which is good, but also that my memory is totally gone - which is really bad for someone who used to remember all birthdays and telephone numbers of all her friends by heart! Besides, not incospicuously, it shows that I am spending too much time on my sofa trying to relax!!

If days were long enough, I would be going to my allotment and use up those plants instead of accumulating them.

I have had enough of winter!

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