Thursday 15 April 2010

Living the Good Life?

I am doing a lot more than last year at the allotment but that means I am so tired when I get home and leave reporting and keeping track of things, which is not very "professional" of someone that is trying to assess whether she is successful!
Also, as I mentioned last week, I have lost inspiration to write about what is going on: full-time work, housework and studying on top, all together take their toll.

So I was intrigued when I read this article referring to a hypothesis of alternative life where the working week would consist of 21 hours and so much more free time for the rest (with the side benefit of less money for consumerism)... The article also refers to the price of bed frames (which I mentioned last week) and how the Good Life is now being sold as a marketing exercise...

Of course I am thinking of the possibility of living in a more self-sufficient, sustainable way: somehow working the land triggers reflections on responsibility towards what's around you. In an attempt to cut on the effort towards it, I had even considered applying for the new BBC reality show on setting up your own farm (but it is not clear what you commit yourself for and what you get for it, so I suspect it is only attractive to pretty desperate - or very brave - people). In the meantime, I will be attending a breadmaking course.

Incidentally, I have received my first horticulture paper results, and it seems I have cracked it, even though it took me all that long.

Is the Good Life any closer? For sure it's a hell of a lot of work to get there! And I cannot see many realistic shortcuts...


Concha said...

Hi Maria Paola!

Thanks for linking to the article, I found it very interesting. Too bad the 21-hour week won't happen in the near future...

Congratulations on your horticultural paper results!

Best wishes,


M.Paola Andreoni said...

Yes, I know, unfortunately... the only alternative is to work up to - and take - a brave step as you did... but it's a fascinating scenario isn't it?