Friday 30 July 2010

Chillies flowering!

Finally the time has come when my chillies have put out the first bloom (which I read I should pluck out but have not dared yet). They are everywhere in the greenhouse, under cover outside, on the windowsill at home: will I manage to be self-sufficient?

In the meantime, salad and courgettes are filling my larder, while soft fruits are on the down.

I have a sad feeling that the summer is over, which probably comes of my exhaustion after a good three months of daily evening shifts at the allotment, mainly spent picking and watering.

Beans have just started to grow now, after a very slow start: if the weather keeps I might get some this year! Tomatoes are also in flower, and I have some cucumbers too. Gill's ground berries are happily growing in the greenhouse, grapes are taking shape and one-meter high sweetcorns are home to plenty of ladybirds (after a few weeks of harlequin-only sightings, the natives are back en masse).

Brassicas are as yet my biggest failure: cabbage, cime, kohl rabi, broccoli - all ended up in close to nothing.

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