Thursday 22 July 2010

Huge disappointment...

... as my precious rhododendron turns out to be after all a weed - how could I fall for it?
My horticulture text says some plants look different in their juvenile form from their mature one... the thing is that a juvenile plant would not flower and my seedlings has blossomed, shouting weed, weed!
Hope is not lost as there's several other seedlings that might turn out to be the real thing.

I've also however several seedlings to draught and am still struggling to find uses for excess soft fruits. I ate raspberries, froze raspberries, made raspberry jam, bottled raspberries and raspberry liqueur so far. However, I'm eating all my gooseberries raw, as I love it when they go slightly cloudy and taste vaguely of grapes. A lot of people that see me eating them do not seem to know they can taste fairly sweet.

Talking of grapes, there's a few bunches on the plants, including the new one I only bought this summer.

Today we finally hot some rain, so I will take the night off and go home straight, I am so tired.

P.S. I  have added a new "Summer at the allotment" picture album with seasonal crops, flowers and insects, and you can now access my allotment pictures from the link on the right.

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