Thursday 30 September 2010

Call it love from a distance

I have not forgotten the allotment, or the blog, but everyone returning to work in the office after the summer has meant late hours, and days are drawing in. Weekends have also been busy...

But if you saw someone last night after sunset, in the pouring rain, picking grapes and rocket leaves, that was me! Seemed silly this morning, as I walked to the station in the warm sun, but that was the only sure time I could go.

There's still a lot going on: salad is slowly but steadily growing, the pumpkins have not grown big but are ripening, the vine has made so much more grapes than I expected (I could not see them among the lush leaves), raspberries are still fruiting, the Jerusalem artichokes are flowering so I guess they are ready, and finally the spinach I sowed in the newest bed I made is germinating...

In terms of looking forward, I am desperately late in getting the broad beans and garlic for next year, of all years the one when there seem to be a garlic shortage, so hurrying to get some would be in order! To boot,aAll my gardening magazines' subscriptions are expiring and I cannot find the time to renew them (well, not that I have read much of them lately anyway...).

Gosh, anyone else in such a terrible situation?!?

Looking forward to November, when the workload should fall back into its own right place.

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