Tuesday 7 September 2010

RIP dear tommies... welcome preserve!

Blight struck.

On Friday my tomatoes pleased me beyond belief, lush, green, with two orangey ripe... and on Sunday night they were a rather messy heap of brown and mould.

So I picked all of the ones big enough & not damaged and have just discovered that I have to process them quickly to avoid deterioration, as they won't ripen but rather get the disease.

On the plus side, you can compost the leaves as spores don't survive on dead vegetation, only on seeds (so don't save any). Too late for my own plants which I threw in the bin as I was not sure, but the source being Garden Organic, it is reliable information.

Also on the plus, there are plenty of recipes for green tomatoes and you are not stuck with chutney - something I would have dreaded. They can be fried, made into pasta sauce and preserved in oil, for example, which I will try tonight, and someone apparently even eats them raw!

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