Thursday 26 March 2009

Extraterrestrial potatoes

Some crop thoughts.

This week it has been raining and next week it's BST: the perfect situation, it would seem.

I am so keen to go and see whether the spinach is out, and more broadbeans.

Last year's potatoes, the ones I did not eat - I must say out of laziness because cleaning them was such a hassle: they were so muddy and eaten through by slugs -have all chitted, and chitted beautifully (they look very much like fascinating extraterrestrial creatures!), so I would like to plant them again... unfortunately you may recollect I did not record whether they were earlies, maincrop etc so I will have to try my luck. Experimental gardening ;p

Did I say that I also experimented with old onions, the ones that put out leaves: I have tried to plant them to see if they make new onions or do just flower, which would not be bad either.
I am at home now and the sun is coming out: I should probably go and water the seedlings in the greenhouse sometimes this afternoon - feel sleepy and have a lot to study, though.

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