Tuesday 31 March 2009

Problem solved!!!

Crop updates, wildlife developments

The ducks were not there tonight, so it seems the problem is solved! Hoorai! Now I can concentrate on the other troublesome species - the rat!
I have started tackling the leftover manure to make a raised bed: I was planning it for potatoes but I had an idea and - since the manure is not full of stones and the bed will be raised from soil level - I could add some sand and use it for carrots, which do not grow well in heavy soils with stones.

By the way, I would suggest you never leave a load of manure uncovered: it is taking ages to clean it up from all the weeds that have grown over one year - nettles first in the list, wit vast, branching roots and green, fresh leaves!

In the greenhouse, the sunflowers have germinated, and I was surprised to see fleshy leaves emerging from the bed where I planted salad. I thought it might be mint, but then I realised it's the potatoes, the chitted leftovers I found in the shed last winter. How unexpected, I had forgotten about them!

Outside, the spinach is out: I had to put my face at the level of the ground to notice, it's so small!

It's so good to be able to relax at the allotment after work!

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