Sunday 31 May 2009

Of nematodes and grumpiness

Spent most or the afternoon watering in the nematodes, with water just a trickle from the tap as so many people were watering thirsty plots.

That certainly did not enhance my mood that was already tried by the thing that is increasingly driving me insane at the allotment: things left around in other people's way!

There's some for all tastes: plastic sheeting crumbled and left across the path to host slugs, cans of water at the bottom of the path, flapping nets in the middle of the path, rubbish thrown in the middle of what should be a path, and again netting rolls, sizeable plastic tunnels and even barbecues! All in the path!

I am not totally innocent as for example I have to leave a couple of pallets leaning against my shed and marginally in the way while finding the time to make use them. But all my neighbours seem to suffer from this spatial incontinence throughout the year, and particularly someone that I have figured out must have been an only child, considering the amount of space he takes up and the little consideration for the others (not only me!).

He is otherwise nice and even remembers my name, but I cannot help fuming when I see his stuff all over the place and I am afraid it shows when talking to him that I am so irritated (so Italian of me) even though I do not like to make a fuss and so avoid mentioning it (so very English!)... He must think I am a bit of a nutter!

Anyway, spinach is thriving and broadbeans are out, no sign of agretti but the nasturtium has beautiful red flowers. And the website must have been right about the gooseberries, as they have become so big... which also tells you that my humming line must be working and keeping the pigeons at bay!

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