Friday 29 May 2009

A weak week

Despite the lovely weather I did not manage to drag myself to the allotment, my stamina has failed me horribly this week!

Now I am a bit concerned, as nature won't wait for anyone, as is well known:
  • asparagus that I should be picking is going to seed

  • nematodes might well die in the fridge, and they are not cheap

  • the dead rats are rotting (why did they leave them there for me to bury in the first place?!?)

  • I have not planted anything in May, which will mean a 'hungry gap' in the middle of the season... In particular no salad at all

  • weeds will have regrown all over the place and grass will need serious mowing

  • it's a windy place over at the allotment and my pallets may have fallen onto something...

I've just managed to persuade myself that I must go there at least a couple of hours this weekend, no matter what!

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