Wednesday 13 May 2009

Weeding and sowing

... sowing and weeding, overall a pretty productive evening tonight.

Having cleared the broadbean and onion beds, I filled in some empty space with the leftover onions: hopefully it's not too late for them to grow. As one of those bonuses that nature often bestows on the amazed newby gardener, I got 8 unexpected garlic plants from seed, which I also planted.

Here goes the story: having left some garlic go to seed last year I had picked the seedheads and left them in the greenhouse, not for one second seriously contemplating a future for them, just out of habit. While watering some seedtrays last winter, I accidentally knocked the said seedheads, which fell in a tray. I was in a hurry so I just left them there... and there they were, appeared one day among the aubergine seedlings!

Dealt with the solanaceae, and realised that - although they have indeed suffered - there were more survivors than expected.

Still to do:
  • planting potatoes and other seasonal,
  • pick the remaining leeks from the winter, as they are going to seed, and
  • urgently - pick the gooseberries before they end up exterminated by the pigeons, which are starting to break the soft branches to reach down on the fruits.
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