Monday 7 December 2009

Finally some sun!

It was sunny yesterday and, despite the mud, I managed to do a few things, like covering the herb patch (oregano still flowering) and sow some salad in the greenhouse, where the chillies are still holding on to their flower buds. I also transplanted the last brassica seedlings: a task long overdue.

The rocket I sowed a couple of weeks ago has germinated, and the strawberries are on their way to ripening. My leek seedling are still growing too.

Very oddly, there was a bumblebee out and foraging on my borage and, in a neighbour's plot, two broadbean plants stood vigorous and in flower. Beside being the wettest period on record, it is still fairly warm, and plants (and insects) are obviously being tricked into thinking it might be spring already.

But there are signs the cold is coming: the nasturtiums were all gone and the celery sported freeze burn on the edges.

Still too wet for garlic & onions, I'm afraid; however, I will have to plant them soon before the soil goes hard.

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