Sunday 6 December 2009


I have done my first revision table for plant organs: starting from the bottom I chose the root, one of the vegetative organs (together with stem and leaf) as opposed to reproductive organs (flower, seed and fruit).

Very proud of having managed, when I spilled my tea on it (it's time to go to bed, but I wanted to finish at least one organ!) - it's ok, not much damage.

The way I organised it is a summary of: function, drawing of structure (with great help from an online one), organ parts, non-standard characteristics and any types or adaptations in which the organ presents itself.

Will I have rememberd the most important things? There's so much!

One thing I had no idea about and found interesting is that there are root tubers and stem tubers, both are adaptations of an organ for food storage, and they enable the plant to survive in winter under cover of the soil, but a stem tuber is a stem with buds & all... the potato is a stem tuber and the 'eyes' are its buds. The sweet potato instead is a root tuber.

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