Sunday 7 March 2010

DIY on the plot

Today I spent another great afternoon, on a delightfully sunny day, at the allotment.

There is not much to talk about, really, but it was great fun as I increased the size of the asparagus bed to plant the new ones I got last week - the hickory axe and the recycled fence panels from my garden are coming so handy on the plot: the new bed is much more solid and nice looking than before, and hopefully the asparagus will thrive!

I then decided where to plant the Jerusalem artichokes, on the side of a couple of shortish beds. I digged a small bed, just enough for the 5 or so tubers I've got, and built a wooden support for the plants, which can grow as tall as 2.5 m.

Jerusalem artichoke is actually a type of sunflower, whose tuber (a stem tuber, like a potato) tastes like an artichoke. They show a weedy behaviour, so they are always grown on the same spot. The tuber, which I read is a good source of iron, should be planted in early spring in well conditioned soil. I hope when I plant them in the next couple of weeks they like the spot I chose for them!


You may have noticed that I have not mentioned study for a while... I will try to make the next post on that, and to write my paper this week.

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