Monday 15 March 2010

So good and so frustrating!

As I said last week everything is tidy and ready to burst into life, and it's so good to look at and enjoy, except it's NOT under control! This is the time of the year when all the gardening chores start to compete for my time, at home and the allotment, and I still have only the weekends to tackle them.

This weekend it was mostly the turn of my garden at home, where I planted some more bulbs, spring and summer ones. I found some tiny lovely irises - purple, that go very well with the plain yellow of dwarf daffodils. And I will give another go to lilies (the first time round they were decimated by slugs & snails...)

Then at the allotment I only managed to dig half a small bed.
My rotation plan tells me that - apart from where I already planted (alliaceae, Jerusalem artichokes & broadbeans, besides soft fruits & asparagus, and last year's leek seedlings that are still apparently growing) and the potato & chilli beds weeded and covered - I currently have no clear beds to plant anything in the ground, so I can only sow in the greenhouse. This is a most inconvenient situation, as you can imagine, as there are at least a couple of vegs that I could sow in the ground now.

Which means that I fell behind once again: 8 beds still need weeding and clearing! I hope I manage by Easter...

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