Wednesday 31 March 2010

It's BST!

Suddenly the anxiety of having to do everything in the weekend because the week is off-limit was gone: British Summer Time! It was more relaxing doing what I have done for the last couple of months: digging and sowing, knowing that I will be able to go back evening after evening. Except if the weather is rubbish all the time as it has been since...

I am still very divided about the ducks: when I caught them mating in the pond I found it sweet, but when they came back later I shooshed them away and they went to lie on a neighbour's black polithene sheet, as they have done all of last year.

My spawn at home was doing very well with almost-tadpoles wriggling inside the eggs of one of the clumps but then something happened and they may be dying, a feathery white fungus feeding on the decaying matter.

Finally tonight I finished and sent the first paper of my horticulture course.

Long weekend approaching, lots of gardening is going to be on the menu, but of late I am not too inspired about writing, as I do not seem to be able to find an interesting enough angle to what I do: after all gardening implies the same rituals to be repeated year after year after year...

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