Monday 24 May 2010

Sowing and potting on

Like a good girl, I am weeding, sowing and potting on, as I have decided that if I wanted to meet my target of being self-sufficient in chillies I have to do things by the book and I have put to good use all the little plastic pots that I collected over the years.

Also started the "allotment in spring" set of pictures in Flickr I had mentioned, but it is still unlabelled and incomplete; as you all know time flies, but I would like to show the progress of the different plants over the season, as it is amazing...
Talking of which, the heat of the last couple of days has set off photosynthesis and today I found an asparagus that was one meter long, the sweetcorn has grown from 0 to 20 tip to toe in one day and there are little grapes on the vines! A-ma-zing!

My Garden Organic experiments are also doing fine, hope I have time for some decent post in the next few days.

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