Monday 3 November 2014

Implementing complex designs

As I am working on the cottage garden design, today's short masterclass on how to implement complex designs came in quite handy.

The new winter display for the Walled Garden, a grass and white gravel knot design, was being finished after a month's work (as narrated by my colleague who could see from his window)...

... and we had an opportunity to learn some of the principles that were behind its implementation.

The most important points were:
  •  measurements should always be from straight perpendicular lines, and the bricks in the Walled Garden beds are obviously not, so and external measurement baseline is needed 

  • a builder's square with two tape measurers, pins and some string are all the equipment needed

  • a circle is a line of points equidistant from a centre, so to draw circles you have to know where the centre is and then, from it, mark as many points on the line as you can to make it more accurate (in this case before cutting in the turf). The string at the bottom of the pins marks the outline of the shape.

Another suggestions we were given was that weed membrane is better than woven plastic when making designs, as it is easier to shape.

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