Monday 6 April 2009

Always in a bit of a hurry...

... I have not taken my camera with me lately, but everything is coming back to life and it's fresh green, or colourful and fragranced! I love walking around and smelling fragrances in the air!

Yesterday I had friends with me: we popped in quickly at the allotment and had some fun picking leeks - the earth is so compacted they snapped broken!

Tonight after work I just had enough time to
  • reinforce my pond's barriers (there were suspiciuos floating leaves severed from the water plants),
  • water the seedling (which are all doing fine) just in case it is going to rain for the next three days and I can't access the greenhouse, and
  • pick my first crop of rhubarb: 5 stalks. They smelled beautifully when I took them off. However, the leaves were already open, so I hope I did not leave them too long and I am going to poison myself with oxalic acid.
I'm making compote, my favourite, with brown sugar and a squeezed lemon: it's bubbling away right now...

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