Tuesday 21 April 2009

Something new happening every day

Crop updates

The big news is that I was happily weeding when I could not believe my eyes: asparagus were out (pretty sure there was nothing there on Sunday!) and already some 10 cm tall.

Also, the cima di rapa I sowed on Sunday was out with tiny cotyledons - it still amazes me how any big plant can grow out of such tiny seedlings. Hope the nematodes work quickly to save them from slugs, as I am looking forward to my orecchiette in 40 days (that was the growing time advertised on the packet, they are the express cime, as opposed to the 60 days ones).

I sowed salsify (sooo curious as I had never heard of such plant) and sweetcorn.

Chillies, tomatoes and aubergines are definitely out and strawberries are flowering.

Started the thing that worried me the most: transplanting the celery seedlings. If it goes wrong I will be so disappointed as I am putting a lot of expectations in this veg! But cannot wait: I am pressed to acclimatize them outside before I am not around for some days and they would not survive in the greenhouse (temperature now rising to around 50 C).

A succesful transplant has been performed with mangetouts: came out in less than one week so that was quick, and transplanting from loo rolls was definitely easy and no disturbance to the roots.

Parsley is thriving and so is the self-seeded spinach beet, which reminds me that Sarah my colleague has planted the raspberries in her pots with some success, as they have put out shoots straight away. This is the season...

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