Thursday 9 April 2009

Planting more seeds

Crop updates, bumblebees & rats.

I see the rat every day now. When I arrive, he runs from underneath my shed towards a pile of rubbish that is behind it.

Afraid that he might have digged a hole in the floor and let himself in, I cleared everything but there's no sign of holes. After that, I was ready to start planting... however, I was distracted by a buzzing sound.

Bumblebees. All the holes I have been finding around the plot, which I thought were of rodent's doing, must be bumblebee hidings! I saw a big, wobbly bumblebee reopening one such hole under my wildlife station, which had crumbled on itself, probably because of the rain. Amazing how he managed to munch himself into the soil. And the buzzing sound kept coming at me from all around me, so - I guess - more holes... never noticed before, possibly they like the texture of the soil due to the best March weather in ages (at least according to Guy of Riverford in his newsletter).

I planted more broadbeans as the overwintering Aquadulce Claudia this year had a disappointing germination rate (only twenty-one plants in a whole bed), some peas, mangetout, more nasturtium and some sweetcornm before I ran out of daylight.

Someone from across the plot shouted at me something on the lines of: "This is too early to leave!" The other day neighbour Tony suggested they put flashlights on for me.

Anyway, I have saved some raspberry plants in water to take to my colleague Sarah, who is willing to give it a go on her balcony in London. Moreover, I have plenty of beautiful, fragrant mint: anyone not catered for their summer Pimm's yet?

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