Monday 13 April 2009

Not too bad compared to last year!

Crop and picnic updates.

Although I am not going to the allotment as much as would be necessary at this time of year, I must say that - compared to last year when I was doing up the house at the same time - I am more or less on schedule.

Celery is growing, same for aubergine and spinach, carrot was planted today, tomato and chilli are on their way...

March and April have gone in a whiff, though, and I could have planted so much more!
To pick up from the recipe post the other day: the prawns were delicious in their oil, lemon, chilli and parsley dressing... and in a recession mood I also used the leftover dressing to cook clams risotto: slurp! The sage focaccia was nowhere near the original, but it wasn't bad either so everybody was happy with it, washed down with Pimm's. Even if we had to eat indoor, as the weather was grey and drizzly throughout the holidays.

I have picked some more parsley to try the salsa verde: I have never made it, although I am quite clear what the taste should be so hopefully I can put it together. Will let you know if the recipe was ok.

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