Tuesday 7 April 2009

Spuds planted (half of them!)

Crop updates.

I took my "extraterrestrial" chitted potatoes from the kitchen and carried them to London and back today hoping that the weather would keep so that I could plant them, which I did; half of them that is, because I ran out of space.

So I spent the rest of the time working on the manure: another two evenings and it will all be levelled and spread, and I will be able to plant the rest of the potatoes, some corn (today I figured out its place) and the sunflowers.

Did I tell you that the rat scared the daylights out of me running around in the weekend? I saw it again tonight, but the trap is set and I added more smells in the form of a overripe strawberry and blue cheese rinds. Finger crossed.

The ducks are still around but not on my plot, it seems, as the pond plants are regrowing.

While in the greenhouse the seedlings are still fine, except for the rapa bianca lodigiana seedlings, which are being eaten by slugs or some other creature, and the tomatoes and chillies which are not out yet, a surprise came from the wines: they were not dead!!! Some timid growth appeared that is most definitely buds!

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