Thursday 9 April 2009

Manure is done!

Wildlife and crop updates.

The ducks were back... The persistent, defiant creatures had passed through my layers of fencing with relative ease, so I had to put netting down to the level of ground, which means that frogs cannot go in either. Anyway, the war is now on!

Rat still resisting the temptation of my smelly food. I will be here waiting patiently...

Last night I finished spreading the manure - in one less day then expected and I also managed to plant my potatoes. Here is the final view of a cleared allotment!

Next steps will be planting new seeds, as I have done nothing for the last two weeks. A bit worried what I will do at the end of the month when I am not around for a little while.

Some tomatoes are coming out but not the chillies. I was reading the other day that you may inadvertently trigger seeds dormancy if the conditions of growing are not right. Must check thoroughly.

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