Sunday 26 April 2009

Just about managed...

Crop updates, wildlife status

... to transplant all the celery (3 evenings it took), most tomatoes, aubergines and chillies before my energies abandoned me on Sunday.

The last time I saw them the transplanted seedlings were doing well, and cima di rapa was three days old.

The grass is in a phase of amazing growth so I had to clear all the paths, which took a lot of exercise with my hand tools: shears and mower!

Asparagus is up to 6 spears but haven't picked it yet.

Have not seen rat after he outsmarted me by burrowing underneath the trap, eating the bait. Ducks keep their distance. Wildlife corner still deserted, but got some lacewing attractant. Watching out for declining numbers of slugs. Bitten all over by water-hovering flying insects.

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