Friday 16 August 2013

Goodbyes galore (Week 19, Friday)

More goodbyes today as the apprentices left the Arboretum to go under glass (that is what they do in their second year). This trickle of people going away keeps reminding me of my imminent departure and is making me rather sad.

Today it was raining, so it was the perfect time to do the preliminary stockcheck of the bed I've been working on on the last two weeks, so that's what I did, weeding as I went along. The 5th of 6 beds is almost complete, but the 6th and last is mostly overgrown Cotoneaster, so it will be a challenge...

My manager came out, had another look around, and said my work has had a big impact on the South Canal beds, and I may be proud of what I have achieved.

And so I should, it's been nice of him to say... but at the moment, it is the thought of leaving the plants I have cared for so much that is foremost in my mind.

Anyway, the area looks good. The plants I cut back earlier on are filling up again and look more natural, and pomes are colouring up on all species: Cotoneaster, Crataegus, Malus, Pyrus... while we still have some flowering Spiraea and the Potentilla of course...

Cotoneaster sp.

Potentilla 'ochroloeuca'
Spiraea micrantha
Spiraea virginiana

Malus baccata
Malus toringoides
Next week the new trainees and apprentices (8 people, four in my team and four in the other Arboretum team) will start their respective one year and three years journeys. Another cycle begins...

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