Wednesday 31 July 2013

Under cover (Week 17, Wednesday)

It was raining today and as I was not feeling too well, so I asked to work indoors, and was sent to the Princess of Wales Conservatory, with some lovely people, doing weeding among weird and wonderful plants.

Hope you enjoy their pictures, while I'm off under cover again, of my bedsheets this time.

I am sorry I failed to look for the labels, but do visit the Conservatory if you want to find out what they are! I am sure you would love it, and once a year at the end of the winter they have an orchid festival, which is rather spectacular...

Oh, I also stroke an acquaintance with the very special chap down there: call him Biocontrol (he does have a proper name, but I can't remember, I did say I'm a bit off today...). He and his friends Chinese dragon lizards (Physignathus cocincinus) play a very important part in keeping pests under control in the Conservatory...

... if you visit, keep an eye out for them. The first time my husband and I spotted one was during the orchids festival a couple of years ago!

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